Pin-hance Your Halloween Costume

Pin-hance Your Halloween Costume

With Halloween 2017 just around the corner, many of you are looking to pop culture for costume ideas.  From Wonder Woman, to Pennywise, to Beyonce, there's no shortage of Halloween inspiration from this year's music, TV, movies, and celebrities.  Here are some tips to add a little #flair to this year's pop culture-inspired costumes & stand out from the crowd!

Game of Thrones

Game of thrones dragon drogon fire daenerys

The most-talked about show of the last seven years is a never-ending source of costume inspiration.  Whether you're dressing up as Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, a Red Priest (or Priestess), or the Hound, your look can always be more #lit with the King Pins 'Fire' pin

The Handmaid's Tale


After snagging a few Emmy's and some much-deserved attention, The Handmaid's Tale is sure to inspire quite a few red and white ensembles this Halloween.  With the King Pins 'Praying Hands' and 'Peach' pins, you can literally spell out a Handmaid's *favorite* greeting, "blessed be the fruit."

blessed be the fruit pin praying hands peach


drake hotline bling music video

The 'Praying Hands' pin will be doing double duty when you add it to your Drake costume!  Yeah, "Hotline Bling" is so 2015, but we guarantee there will still be some Champagne Papis and Hotline Honeys running around this year.  Either of these costumes will look great with the 'Champagne' and 'Boot' pins as well!

boot champagne praying hands blessed pin drake

La La Land

La La Land dresses girls colors

One of the best films of the past year and most-talked about Oscar moment!  Add a little touch of L.A. to your brightly colored outfit with the 'California Flag' pin!

california flag los angeles la la land

Taylor Swift

taylor swift look what you made me do music video i heart ts love

The Old Taylor is dead, and the new one is here with loads of new looks.  The "Look What You Made Me Do" music video was practically made to inspire costumes for Halloween 2017.  And while you heart TS, TS hearts NY, so check out the NYC Collection to add a little New York flair to your T. Swift get up!

king pins nyc new york collection pin

Get Political

white house president america united states

For some reason, every year people buy those creepy rubber masks of U.S. Presidents.  Whether you're dressing up as Trump, Obama, or throwing it back to Lincoln, you're going to need our upgraded version of the 'U.S. Flag' Pin!

american flag pin us

Stranger Things

stranger things eleven

This Netflix show topped the list as the inspiration behind last year's favorite costumes!  With the new season dropping this weekend, these looks will be just as popular in 2017.  Grab your Eggos, a walkman, and two of the 'Number One' pins, because no one is cooler than Eleven!

stranger things eleven pins

Check out all of these featured pins and more at LIDS or, and have a Happy Halloween!