Drop a Pin: New York City

Drop a Pin: New York City

At King Pins, we create regionally-inspired collections that capture the culture of cities around the world. We're kicking off the Drop a Pin (Travis Scott voice) series to feature these collections and the cities behind them!  Brimming with iconic sights, places, and diverse culture, New York City supplies no shortage of creative inspiration.

'NYC Apple' Pin
Newspaper writers first referred to NYC as "The Big Apple" over 100 years ago!  Since then, it's been embraced by pop culture and referenced in everything from Frank Sinatra songs to New York Mets home run celebrations.  Now, it's one of the most popular nicknames associated with New York. 

'I Apple NY' Pin
We like dem much so that we wanted to incorporate it into the classic "I love NY" logo.  The "I love NY" campaign started in the 1970s in an effort to rebrand the city after rising crime rates caused a decline in tourism.  Luckily, the slogan caught on, and you can still see tourists sporting the logo in Times Square today! 

'NYC Subway' Pin
The subway is a daily fixture in the lives of million of New Yorkers, so we've designed a pin inspired by it lines and logo.  Good or bad, chances are you've had a memorable experience on the subway!

'Empire State' Pin
As the centerpiece of Manhattan, the Empire State Building is the most iconic building in the city's skyline.  Over the past 90 years, it's been featured in countless pieces of literature, films, T.V. shows, and songs.  Thanks to all of these pop culture representations, you don't have to visit the observatory on the 102nd floor to get in the Empire State of mind!

'License Plate' Pin
For the real New Yorker!  License plate design is specific and personal to each state.  The 'Empire Gold' license plate debuted in 2010.  The name and design are a nod to the state's official colors, as well as New York's nickname: The Empire State.  New York earned this nickname in the 19th century as an ode to the state's opportunities and resources!  This 'Empire Gold' license plate captures the flash and influence of NYC.

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