Drop a Pin: Las Vegas

Drop a Pin: Las Vegas

At King Pins, we create regionally-inspired collections that capture the culture of cities around the world. We're continuing the Drop a Pin series to feature these collections and the cities behind them!  Next stop: the energetic and iconic city that is Las Vegas!

'Las Vegas' Pin
Las Vegas is a city of iconic sights, many of which are replicas of structures from around the world.  However, the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign is one spectacle that is unique to Sin City.  This pin is an homage to the anticipation and excitement that the welcome sign inspires!

'Champagne' Pin
Vegas is a city of celebration, and there's no better way to celebrate than with a bottle of bubbly!  Whether you're feeling fired up after a good hand in the casino, or popping bottles in one of the city's many nightclubs, you're going to need something sparkling.  We designed the 'Champagne' Pin to emulate the sleek and polished look of a celebratory bottle, similar to Dom Perignon!

champagne bottle pin

'Ace of Spades' Pin
The ace of spades is traditionally the highest card in a deck of playing cards, so this pin represents the best of the best!  If you're into poker or blackjack, Las Vegas is the spot for you.  In fact, people travel from all around the world to play a hand on a Vegas floor.

ace of spades pin

'Dices' Pin
If cards aren't your thing, you can always roll the dice!  Craps & roulette are just a few of the casino games that Vegas has to offer.  The term "roll the dice" also means to take a chance, which sums up the feeling of Las Vegas!  Many visitors don't know what to expect upon arrival, but take a chance on an unpredictable city with a reputation for good times.

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