Drop a Pin: Colorado

Drop a Pin: Colorado

At King Pins, we create regionally-inspired collections that capture the culture of cities, states, and countries around the world. We're continuing the Drop a Pin series to feature these collections and the cities behind them.  Next stop: Colorado! 
The ‘Colorado C’ Pin
This pin resembles the “C” that decorates the state’s flag. The flag was adopted in 1964 and it’s elements are meant to represent the Colorado’s great outdoors. The red stands for the state’s ruddy earth and the gold represents the gold rush of the late 1800s.
The ‘Colorado Heart Flag’ Pin
The Colorado flag also inspired this pin! As with the original flag, the blue signifies the sky, and the white represents the snowcapped mountains. We replaced the “C” with a heart to show the love that visitors and residents have for the state!

The ‘Colorado Mountain’ Pin
Once again, we incorporate the Colorado “C” into our pin design, but with a little extra embellishment! The Rocky Mountains decorate the state of Colorado with their beauty, so it felt natural to include a mountain peak in this pin.
The magnificence of Colorado inspired a three-pin collection.  Shop the line by clicking the links below and head to your nearest Lids store to check out the pins in person.

'Colorado C' Pin:

'Colorado Heart Flag' Pin:

'Colorado Mountain' Pin: