Drop a Pin: Canada

Drop a Pin: Canada

At King Pins, we create regionally-inspired collections that capture the culture of cities and countries around the world. We're continuing the Drop a Pin series to feature these collections and the cities behind them.  Next stop: Canada! 

The 'Canada Flag' and 'Maple Leaf' Pins
The maple leaf has been the emblem of Canada since the 18th century, but the iconic Canadian flag that we know today wasn't adopted until 1965.  If you're feeling patriotic (especially during the upcoming Winter Olympics), show off your Canadian pride with King Pins. 

The Montreal Collection
These Montreal-inspired pins represent the rich history of the French-Canadian city.  The 'Flower' Pin depicts the city's current logo, which pays homage to Montreal's floral-themed coat of arms.  Each petal forms the letters "v" and "m," which stand for Ville de Montreal.  The 'Five Roses' Pin portrays the iconic 70 year old flour mill sign that greets you as you enter the city.  As a tribute to the 1976 Summer Olympics, the 'Stadium' Pin commemorates the host city and it's famous Olympic Stadium.

The Toronto Collection 
Toronto is an epicenter for Canadian culture, which is captured in these pins inspired by the city.  The 'Toronto' Pin depicts a real-life sign that resides in Nathan Phillips Square, a popular open-air plaza among locals and tourists alike.  This illuminating piece was installed as a temporary decoration in 2015, but earned itself a permanent spot in the square after it became a trendy photo op!  The 'Needle' Pin portrays the famous CN Tower, which is the largest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere and an iconic fixture of Toronto's skyline.

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The Vancouver Collection
In recent years, Vancouver has become the Hollywood of Canada, as so many films and television shows are shot in the city.  Vancouver's flourishing film industry is represented by the 'Movie Action' Pin and the 'Reel' Pin from our latest collection.  If you're looking to rock a pin that depicts a more ancient kind of art, check out the 'Inuksuk' Pin.  An inuksuk is a stone structure built by the Inuit people, and they can be found all over Canada!

The diverse culture of Canada inspired more pins than any of our other regional collections!  Shop the collection by clicking the links below and head to your nearest Lids Canada store to check out the line in person.

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