Drop a Pin: Austin, Texas

Drop a Pin: Austin, Texas

At King Pins, we create regionally inspired collections that capture the culture of cities and countries around the world. We're continuing the Drop a Pin series to feature these collections and the cities behind them.  Our next stop is the home of the annual SXSW and Austin City Limits festivals: Austin, TX! 

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The ‘Texas’ Pins
Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the number of outline pins we’ve made of the state! This style comes in classic black & gold and in the colors of the Texas flag. If you’re looking to go big in Austin before you go home, check out Zilker Metropolitan Park. It’s four hundred acres of springs, paddleboarding, and all of the other outdoor activities that Austin natives like to do.

Bucking Bull pin texas lids

The ‘Bucking Bull’ Pin
It’s not our first rodeo! Texans are always down for a good time. When in Austin, look no further than the notorious 6th Street! This popular area is chockfull of outdoor patios, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and a few mechanical bulls. There’s enough action on 6th Street to keep you busy for your entire trip.

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The ‘Steer’ Pin
Texans love their cattle. I’m sure you’ll be looking for a top-of-the-line steak house during your stay in Austin, but if you leave the city without trying a beef, egg, * cheese breakfast taco then you’re doing something wrong. Tex-Mex is the authentic cuisine of Texas!

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The ‘Oil Rig’ Pin
Austin is in the heart of Oil Country! Oil is the lifeblood of Texas, but Austin also runs on its rich cultural scene. If you’re looking to soak in a little art, look no further than the HOPE Outdoor Gallery or the countless wall murals around the city. Make sure to also catch some live music performances, which won’t be hard to find on 6th!

The iconic culture of Austin, Texas has inspired one of our most popular regional collections! Shop the line by clicking the links below, and head to your nearest Lids to check out the collection in person.

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