Black Panther Preview

Black Panther Preview

No doubt this is the weekend you’ve been waiting for. After years of anticipation, Marvel has finally released the latest installment of its Cinematic Universe, Black Panther. The movie picks up just after Captain America: Civil War, in which the Black Panther, a.k.a. T’Challa, becomes the King of Wakanda in the wake of his father’s death. Even though this movie has had fans buzzing ever since the first trailer debuted last summer, here are a few things you might not know about Black Panther.

This movie is packing punches and star-power! Industry vet Chadwick Boseman leads the pack as the titular character. He’s supported by rising star Daniel Kaluuya, whose performance in Get Out recently earned him an Oscar nomination. Kaluuya isn’t the only cast member who’s been recognized by the Academy, as Black Panther also features Oscar nominee Angela Bassett and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, who are both graduates of Yale School of Drama. This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown was able to take a break from his hit series in order to add his talents to the Marvel Universe. Apollo Creed’s  son himself Michael B. Jordan rounds out this powerhouse cast as the movie’s supervillian. With such a large group of Hollywood heavy weights, you might expect some diva-like demeanors, but it seems like the cast is close off-screen. Per Lupita’s Instagram, it looks like they’ve spent the Black Panther press tour challenging each other to pushup competitions, sitting together in the front row at Calvin Klein’s NYFW show, and freestyle rapping.

Girl Power
The Black Panther is surrounded by a dynamic support system, which is led by badass women! As he takes on his new role of King, T’Challa not only relies on an all-female force to protect him, but also turns to his mother Ramonda for counsel. His younger sister Shuri is the mastermind behind much of Wakanda’s innovative technology. Additionally, warrior women Nakia and Okoye lead the African nation’s intelligence community and army. 

The Importance of Africa
Black Panther marks the first instance that a blockbuster film of this size has featured a predominantly black cast. And although Wakanda is a fictional African country, the film’s production designer Hannah Beachler pulled inspiration from other African nations. She traveled around South Africa during pre-production, and used this research to accurately portray what it’s like to live in Africa. For the movie’s premiere in Los Angeles, actors paid homage to the “African Royalty” theme, donning African head wraps, Afrocentric patterns, and dashikis.

Setting Records
With a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Black Panther outsold every other superhero movie in presale ticket history. The film is expected to rake in $200M by the end of the weekend, and it’s being called “the best superhero movie of all time.”

People will be talking about Black Panther not just for this weekend, but for years to come as it’s bound to make a lasting impact on pop culture and the film industry. Be a part of history & check it out, and shop the 'Africa' Pin on or at LIDS!