Atlanta Season 2 Preview

Atlanta Season 2 Preview

“The thesis with this show was to show people what it’s like to be black, and you can’t write that down. You have to feel it,” said Donald Glover (a.k.a. Childish Gambino), Atlanta’s creator and star before the premiere of the first season. Now after a year and a half after the pilot aired, the show is renowned for its comedic approach to the dramatic world of hip hop. When we left the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning series, Earn (Glover) learns that cousin Paper Boi, whom’s career he’s been managing, has been sought out to join star Senator K on tour. Earn is balancing the world of hip hop with caring for his daughter, her mother (who was fired from her job as a teacher), and Paper Boi’s friend Darius.

Photographed in Jermaine Dupri's legendary So So Def Recordings.

As we head into season two, or Atlanta: Robbin’ Season, here’s what we can expect. In the beginning, the new season focuses on some of the peripheral characters, including another one of Earn’s cousins, who’s played by Katt Williams. The subtitle “Robbin’ Season” alludes to the criminal activity that plagues the holiday season. You can expect the same mix of comedy and drama, as Variety calls this new season “heartbreakingly hilarious.” 

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